General Partnership Offer 

(download pdf; associated demographics)

Above, you can find General Partnership Offer, which includes our vision for next couple of years. On top of general, we are also looking for all sorts of smaller partners including, but not limited to:

Logistic partner (transport of material around Europe)

Fly-me partner (transport of players around Europe)

Official Acommodation partner (accomodating players around Europe)

Media partner (TVs, newspapers, radio stations, social media around Europe)

Coverage partner (cash/ filming equipment/ mobile data provider/ full media teams etc)

Local partners (prizes/ material support/ cash etc)

Unassociated partners - if you are interested and have anyting to offer, let us know and we will make it work!

Do you own, know, work for, or have a good contact at a company, that might be interested in hooking up with a dynamic, rapidly growing sport, support it and be visible on the highlight Tour in Europe? We have a product, we have a vision, and we are looking for partners to help us fulfill and deliver all of this. Your investment will make impact, it will be seen and it will be appreciated greatly by our fast growing community and beyond.

Disc golf is, after all, one of the fastest growing sports in the World and will eventually surpass regural golf in popularity in next couple of years as nicely described in article "Is Disc Golf the next huge sport in America?". Is this far-fetched? Not really, the numbers are speaking for themselves and the only last two pieces missing are commercial partners and mass media recognition. We want to achieve both with our General Partnership Offer.

Partnering with PDGA Euro Tour is the best decission you can make for your brand NOW. The future is ours. Together, we can make huge things happen.

Contact for details.