Tyyni 2020 has just been cancelled due to current pandemic situation in the World. Read more about it at www.tyyni.com.

Text copied from tha official page:

Tyyni started from one man’s will and passion to host an extraordinary good disc golf event for fellow disc golfers. An event, that you want to come back year after year. Since the very first event in 2013, it has grown to be more just one’s dream or passion, it has become a movement, a phenomenon that every disc golfer wants to experience, thanks to our friends at GBO, with helping to create more than just a competition. Annual hard work and 110% dedication have delivered an amazing event for a total of thousands of players during the years.


Tyyni is not just playing and competing in disc golf, it is much more. It is a place where you meet all the other disc golfers. It is a time when everything is about disc golf. It is a gathering, where everyone is a disc golfer. Tyyni is a disc golfer’s safe haven.


Being the biggest disc golf event in Europe, top events in the world and followed by hundreds of thousands of people, we also have a great responsibility in our hands.


With the ongoing COVID (aka Coronavirus) situation, Tyyni could not be Tyyni in any way. Even in the most optimistic predictions, there would be heavy restrictions during the event, which would make it something else than Tyyni is. That is something that our organizing staff does not want to take. It is something that we do not want to deliver to players if they could even travel to the event.


On this very date, I must announce one of the hardest decisions I have have ever been evolved with, made together with all Tyyni staff, that Tyyni 2020 will be cancelled. This decision is made by all of us, heavy-hearted, not just because of missing out on a fantastic event, but providing a disappointment for 1000 players.


Tyyni is hosted by Natural Born Disc Golfer, a company that I have founded and been working on since 2013. Tyyni, with all the side-events, makes almost a third of our annual revenue and pays a big part of our salaries, even that it is not close to how much work it is put behind the event.

The event has a lot of running costs, that we cannot avoid totally, first and a big part, of course, the taxes which alone takes 5 figures. The entry fees have also invested with multiple years in our mind, this includes media equipment, tons of course preparation and upkeep, new turf mats, lot of signage, tools both to work in the course and towards the event. Something that you all can guess, is, of course, huge players pack and its items. As you can guess, all of this is not available for return and the money put in, is there. We are not able to get refunds from these, but we can keep the items for the future and you might also see something for sale by our sponsors.


It is needless to say that not only the cancellation costs us a lot, but we also lose a lot of revenue, work, salaries with this decision, not forgetting that our main business is to organize events, which we cannot do know at all. The health of the world still goes first , before playing disc golf.


PDGA has revised its policy on withdraws and the host could send a player’s pack in case of cancellation, instead of refunding.  we want to offer a full refund (minus the normal, pre-announced processing fee) instead of sending a player’s pack to the players. With full refunds, we are in an extremely difficult situations financially and our future is at stake. 


With that being said, I also want to seek for your help, not only for me but for our employees and for our sport. 


As a player, you will receive a withdrawal questionnaire about how you want your refund, with that, you have different options on how you want your refund. There are options where you can help us go through this situation: take your refund as store credit to NBDG.fi store. You also have the option to sponsor next year’s event. And you also have the option to decline refund (which also is considered as sponsorship for next years event).

At this point, it is good to mention that PDGA also allows pre-registration for event sponsors, which of course, means that you have an option to pre-register when we open Tyyni 2021 registration. It is a quite good perk!


If you are in a good financial situation and are able to sponsor the next years event, and help us out, it is more than appreciated. The future of the event is in stake too. If you are in a tight situation and cannot do anything to help, it is fine too, don’t feel bad to ask for a full refund but I only ask you to understand that we need some time to fix the situation. 


The withdrawal questionnaire will be sent to the email address that you used in registration, within a few days. The refund process will take a long time and I sincerely hope that you give us time to fix everything as good as we can. If you want your refund as store credit to NBDG.fi, we can deliver all of those pretty much immediately so you can get your new putters and play disc golf at home.

Just wait for more instructions, your question that you have in mind will most likely be answered on the next email that you will receive in a few days. 

Our great sponsors and partners, few to mention, Ford, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, Ramirent, Joensuun Tila and many others, do the best and even more than expected, to help us out for brighter future and of course, better, bigger and SAFER Tyyni 2021. Do not hesitate to support our sponsors as well.

I know you all wanted good Tyyni 2020, but now, we can all wait for even better event at 2021. Let’s look at what there is to expect; EuroTour, biggest payout ever, we have a good base for players packs, even more time to plan the event and good chance of a lot of players hungry for the win of their own division. 

Let’s fight the situation together, so we can play at least some events during this year, with friends and not just alone without meeting anyone because that is a big part of disc golf too.

Flattening the curve, from home, and sincerely sorry that we cannot deliver you the best event of 2020,

Juha Kytö and the whole Tyyni crew. Watch your email for more information coming later and take your time considering how you can help and also fight the situation.