With the ongoing pandemic situation in Europe, we were forced to make more changes to the PDGA Euro Tour 2021 schedule.

Despite of all of our efforts, where we were looking into possibilities of not only holding the Pro Forester as scheduled, but even adding one more Croatian event at the dates of cancelled Petzen Open and after carefully analysing all available information and options, we decided not to put our players at risk of traveling before the summer and we decided to postpone Pro Forester to September. New dates will be announced soon.

Another slight change is that after the cancellation of European Open, we decided to move Alutaguse Open to July 15-17. This will close the gap between PCS Sula Open and Estonian Open, it will remove overlap with Finnish Pro Tour and it will potentially attract some USA players to stay in Europe for more than just a DGPT event in Norway. If the Scandinavian leg is going to be played (which certainly is another huge question to be answered within the next month or so), we want it to have a good flow and make it as attractive for everyone as possible.

After the last news release where second Masters Euro Tour event got cancelled, leaving us with only 3 events with Masters divisions, we got contacted by whooping 5 TDs from all around the Europe offering their events to be added as a standalone Masters Euro Tour event and to be added to the Masters Euro Tour schedule this year. We already received two official bids and are waiting at least the three more to come. With this overwhelming interest, we are right now exploring more options how to salvage the 2021 PDGA Euro Tour - and not only in Masters divisions! There is a very likely scenario where we add one more full Euro Tour event to the schedule with all 6 divisions and one more Masters only event on top of that, bringing the final count to 5 Masters events and 6 Open division events.

Stay tuned as more information regarding new additions to the Tour, media coverage and much more will be heading your way next week. 

Current PDGA Euro Tour 2021 schedule: 

Tyyni 07/01/2021 07/03/2021 Sibbe Finland
PCS Sula Open 07/07/2021 07/10/2021 Langevag Norway
Alutaguse Open 07/15/2021 07/17/2021 Alutaguse Estonia
Estonian Open 07/22/2021 07/24/2021 Aegviidu Estonia
Pro Forester September/2021 September/2021 Varaždin Croatia

With possible new additions for September being negotiated.