Hello everyone!

Although all PDGA events are now being suspended and we know that most of you have handful of other stuff to do, we decided not to wait with this, but rather come out with our vision and project that we have been working on for a while now. We believe that this could be ground-breaking thing for disc golf not only here in Europe and putting this one great news amongst all the COVID updates might ease your day(s), give you a positive thing to think about and discuss and as it is vision for next years, not weeks or months, we are quite sure that the situation will be well over when it comes to realisation of what you are about to read below. We hope that you will like this vision and if you do, you all can do your part in growing the sport by letting everyone know about this, share it with your friends, families, workmates...

So, what is the big news? We will share our vision now. It is in form of general partnership offer for Euro Tour 2020 and on (due to current situation, probably 2021 and on) and it includes our great project of Hyde Park 202x.

Hyde Park 202x is a tournament to be held hopefully later in this decade in Hyde Park, London. This park is in London´s downtown and is visited by roughly one million visitors per month. Holding a disc golf event on such a premise would naturally attract these people to spectate the game. These people are not necessarily disc golf fans, most of them have never even heard of disc golf, but they are there, nevertheless (and once they see the best disc golfers of the planet throw a disc in a perfect flight 120m directly under the basket, they might fall in love with the sport as we all did). A huge promotion of the tournament will be running prior to this, so more people are coming in out of curiosity as well. We can expect to easily get to small hundreds of thousands of spectators over the weekend browsing through Hyde Park, watching the game at least for a while. And watching banners of our partners. This is what disc golf lacks, and this is exactly what is attractive for out-of-the-sport partners, all the big international companies out there. That is also where we get mainstream media coming in - live coverage of the event on Eurosport and other sport channels, reports in news all around the World. Huge PR is essential for such an event and that is where it gets interesting for London´s City Hall, to show off their city centre in mainstream media, giving us a permission to run the tournament. And this of course works the other way around as well as media will be attracted to an event held in Hyde Park - not too many sports can be played in one of the most famous parks in the World. We are pretty sure that all of you have heard of "(add your favourite band´s name) live in Hyde Park" concerts... Hyde Park events can get insane amount of PR and we are going to get the best of it for our sport and for our partners!

Everything needs to fit in, it is a huge puzzle and it is going to take years of negotiations and preparations to make it happen – we estimate to hold this tournament somewhere in 2025/2026, possibly even later, but this is our vision, it takes ALL pieces of puzzle together and it evolves the sport to a whole new level. This is the future of disc golf. We embrace ourselves to find partners who will like the idea and who will want to promote their company and brand this way. We offer connection to fantastic, "new", fresh outdoor sport for everyone and promotion through its growth with huge vision for future, including mainstream media visibility for fraction of costs these companies put into sports like football, ice hockey, tennis and other. With their help, we will evolve the Euro Tour, start negotiations with all parties involved and eventually make it to Hyde Park, where the actual journey won´t end, but where it will all begin… new era of disc golf, New Disc Golf Experience.

Do you like it? Do you want to be part of it? Start by sharing this post, commenting on it, so that it reaches more people. You can never tell when a CEO of a huge company reads it and likes the idea as much as we do. Are YOU a CEO of such company? Contact tourmanager@pdga-europe.com for more information 😊.

You can read more at www.pdgaeurotour.com/partners.html as we are looking for way more than “just” a general partner. We have huge plans with Euro Tour, and we can offer a lot of different partnerships before “Hyde Park” ever happens, starting (hopefully) this year.

We hope you like this vision, share it, comment, let us know what you think. Most importantly now, stay home, stay safe, lets get past this current pandemic, so that we can begin our road to Hyde Park.

See you in London 202x 😊.


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