PDGA Europe is opening the bidding process for hosting the PDGA Euro Tour in 2023. You can download the application form here. Applications to host PDGA Euro Tour 2023 event will be accepted until August 27th, 2022 at email tourmanager@pdga-europe.com. We are looking for high-tier tournaments to host 8-12 main PDGA Euro Tour events for MPO and FPO divisions. 5-8 of those venues should be able to host Masters divisions tournament at the same weekend and same location (preferably different course) to form PDGA Masters Euro Tour. 


There are only very few special requirements for the Euro Tour events, but only the best tournaments will be picked to secure the highest possible quality European scene can offer. We are particularly looking for tournaments that can offer the best player experience and offer the highest added cash possible while maintaining top organisational level of the event. 


- a championship level course in a perfect shape for the event, neatly trimmed and dressed with green circles, OB lines and other necessities three days ahead of the competition

- a Tournament Centre capable of hosting players meetings and ceremonies with high speed internet access and room for media staff

- a course with enough spacing for player only areas, VIP zones, warm up zones for both putting and driving

- organisational team of enough size to hold top tier event + volunteers to have spotters on holes, water stations and more

- commitment to work on the event all year long. Communication with our Tour Manager will be on very regular basis, including monthly teleconferences with all TDs of Euro Tour events

- willlingness to improve the event and push hard for players and audience comfort

- interest to explore the sponsorship oportunities and media partnerships and help grow the Tour


- you will get a royalty free non-exclusive, worldwide right to use the attendant PDGA marks, PDGA Euro Tour and PDGA Europe logos as well as PDGA Euro Tour title for your event

- your event will be part of the brand new "The Magic Of Disc Golf" series that will follow all PDGA Euro Tour events and will appear on Discovery+ with millions of potential viewers. 

- complimentary A-tier sanctioning with some Elite Series perks and support (ie priority sanctioning before other A-tiers, media and PR support, financial support etc)

- PDGA Europe representative(s) will attend and assist you at your event

- PDGA Europe will coordinate international sponsorship development and secure coverage of the Euro Tour series

- extensive free publicity for your event through pdga.com, pdgaeurotour.com, PDGA social media and partners (including Discovery+)

- helping hand in your own search for sponsors, consultations, guidance from our Tour Manager, sharing sponsors with the Tour

- inclusion in the highlight Tour in Europe and ability to grow the event in hand with other high-end tournaments in Europe

This is a draft of event agreement that shall be signed betwenn PDGA Europe and event organiser. It will be a subject to event TDs feedback and changes prior to signage, but should give you an overview of what is expected: DRAFT

We would also like to encourage you, shall you have a question, concern, or if you are even remotely considering submitting the application, please, feel free to contact our Tour Manager, Matěj Verl at tourmanager@pdga-europe.com with any inquiry. He will be happy to answer your questions.