2021 Bidding process to start soon!

As the 2020 season has been cancelled due to COVID-19 striking the everyday life so hard and the uncertainty of travelling opportunities for the rest of the year, we are committed to deliver the best possible experience in highly expected 2021 season.


There will be no shortage of news coming in in upcoming months as preparations for 2021 have already begun. We will start with opening the bidding process for hosts of PDGA Euro Tour 2021 very soon. We are once again aiming for 6 highlight tournaments of the highest possible quality, with the successful 2020 applicants leading the way.



Why should we open the biding process again then? It is not yet 100% certain that all 6 tournaments will be held in 2021 and hence there might be a chance for other tournaments to step in and fill out the blank space. Also, in case of a quality applicant, we are opened to open 7th slot and host a wider Tour in 2021 to make up for the 2020 being lost. Does your tournament have what it takes to be part of the highlight European Tour? Follow our facebook, wait for the bidding process to open and do not be shy to apply for a chance to host the 2021 PDGA Euro Tour event in your hometown.


Another reason to re-open the bidding process is to open the possibility of holding at least one separate Masters tournament in 2021. With the 2021 line-up possibly being very similar to what we got in 2020, there were only 4 tournaments that opened Masters divisions. The feedback we were getting throughout the season lead us to the possibility of having one or two exclusively Masters tournaments to make up for the exclusive MPO/FPO ones. With such an enhanced emphasis on Masters Euro Tour, we would love to see more Masters fighting for their titles within their own dedicated divisions on at least 5 tournaments, while also keeping the dedicated MPO/FPO tournaments on the schedule in Open divisions. If you would like to run a Masters only tournament to be part of Euro Tour 2021, you should apply when the bidding process opens. With enough interest and with full confidence in the organisers to deliver the highest Euro Tour standard for Masters, we will be opened to take the Masters Euro Tour to the next step this way. It is also the only exception when we will evaluate a shotgun start two day tournaments in the process. Any tournament that would want to apply for the full Euro Tour event with open divisions has to be a golf start three+ days tournament.


What is our focus for 2021 and beyond, where are all the expectations? 

Why should you, as a TD, player, or a fan be interested and excited for PDGA Euro Tour? There are multiple reasons for this!


We want to bring you professional coverage from all the Euro Tour events and improve other media background for our Tour as well. With only the top-notch hosts granted from the bidding process, we perceive social media and video coverage to be the most important piece how to connect to our dear community and show Euro Tour in the best light. Our top athletes have been showing their skills in National Tour, PRO Tour and on Majors for years, but Europe was missing a platform for these players to show off without the need of crossing the ocean. Our new Euro Tour wants to bring just that and it is no secret, that shall PDGA Euro Tour 2020 have not been cancelled, we were preparing not only MPO lead card professional post-produced coverage, but at some tournaments also FPO lead card and/or MPO chase card coverage of the highest quality as well. We stand by this promise and will do our best to deliver this in the 2021 reinstatement to your living rooms! 


We want to improve the PR for our events to bring it to as many households and fans as possible. This is super related to the above paragraph, but video coverage is not the only way. We want written articles, news from the tournaments, interviews. We want all disc golf and as many of non-disc golf medias to inform about what is going on during our events. And this all needs to look fancy, so you will be meeting new Euro Tour branded banners on the Tour (with small COVID presentation to be seen here) and much more.


This might be a long run, but we want to find and promote our partners that will help us improve the Euro Tour to new levels... not one or two steps above what you are used to, but to highlights not seen in disc golf before. We are already negotiating some extraordinary partnerships with huge international non-disc golf related companies and we hope to present some of them this year already. This should be a huge step forward for all the disc golf. Our goal is to improve pay-outs and deliver the best possible experience. We are contacting airlines, logistic companies, banks, automotive, food chains, clothing companies, you name it... offering partnerships of the highest level. We are aiming for the best long-term deals we can get, and we are bound to succeed! Disc golf is great sport with very bright future. This is also where every one of you can take part and if you have a contact at any company that could be potentially interested in promoting itself through our highlight Tour, let us know at tourmanager@pdga-europe.com! Inquiries are opened, negotiations are on the go and we will be happy to get more and more possibilities to improve the Euro Tour for you through multiple partnerships! There is no "IF" in these, only "WHEN" and we are working on it! 


Euro Tour 2021... 2022... 2023... 2024... 202x... we all already know, that this all leads us, step by step, all the way to the Hyde Park, London! Are you ready for this?