Dear disc golf family,
with heavy heart, we have to announce that Euro Tour 2020 has been cancelled. After 4 out of 6 events have been cancelled and with travel restrictions still being applied all around Europe, we are left with no other choice than this.
As you might have noticed, we worked hard to bring you something new and better this year, but it was just not ment to be. All these efforts we have put into 2020 season made it even harder for us to call it off, but there was just no other way. Not all the work is gone though and we feel even stronger obliged to bring you better Tour next year.
Bids for 2021 will be opened during early summer and we hope to receive many applications to run Euro Tour from various parts of Europe. All of the tournaments scheduled for 2020 have already confirmed their intention to place the bid and be part of the new Tour, so we will not be short of great candidates. If you feel like you have got what it takes to deliver the best player experience during your tournament, make sure to apply as well, when the time comes.