PDGA Euro Tour is pleased to announce new media partnerships

As announced, More Disc Golf will be filming all MPO and FPO feature/lead cards all through the season. But there will be way more disc golf action heading your way this year. Here are first bits of content that you will be able to enjoy from the PDGA Euro Tour:

ET#2 - Scottish Masters at Bluebell Woods will be filmed by new media team from Glasgow, the Powerplay Productions. Go to their new youtube channel and hit the subscribe button not to miss any action from the first ever Masters only PDGA Euro Tour event. Follow our social media for more info. 

KJ Discs are an established media team from Denmark, formed around a legend - KJ Nybo. KJ Discs will cover MPO second feature/chase card of Kokkedal Open all three rounds. 

All 4 rounds of PCS Sula Open will be covered live on Disc Golf Network. Despite the event being on a Silver Series of DGPT events, it will be fully covered by DGN, getting same treatment as their Elite Series events. Go and subscribe to Disc Golf Network with 50% discount for PDGA members. Final round live coverage will also be free to view on youtube. Post production will be extended for MPO second/chase card provided by In Bounds Media, so subscribe to their channel as well, because PCS Sula Open will definitelly be the event to watch!

Another live action will be provided by a Finnish company Rockway, from Nokia Open. More info will follow. 

We are also working on coverage for 9Hill Open, on some more live productions, chase card actions and one potentially game changing media experience that we would like to announce this year - where would you like to watch your favourite sport?

Stay tuned!