We are a little over 6 weeks to Kokkedal Open and 7 to Alutaguse Open and the COVID situation in Europe is still very unsettling. 

Currently, all ariving tourists need negative test to enter Denmark and upon arival, they also need to stay in quarantine for 10 days, or 4 days if they get negative PCR test after 4 day period (Source). This would almost certainly mean no to very little international players being able to compete at Kokkedal.

Denmark is doing very well in terms of flattening curve and lowering the number of new cases though and there should be an update on March 23rd regarding travel and other restrictions. We will make final decision about Kokkedal Open as soon as possible after March 23rd depending on the new release and there is still a fair chance that in case these quarantining restrictions will be lifted, the tournament will be played. 

Estonia currently requires 10 day quarantine for most of European countries and is under hard lockdown until at least April 11th (Source). Estonia as opposed to Denmark, is not flattening the curve and is currently second worst in Europe regarding new cases per capita (Source). We will be monitoring the situation closely, but the chances of playing Alutaguse Open in 7 weeks in Estonia are very slim and postponement is the more probable option. We will be waiting for official statement from government that will come at some point before April 11th to make the final call (there is no set date when update will be released).

In case of postponement, all players will have plenty of time to withdraw from tournament with full refunds. If a players country will be on the list of restricted countries, which will make it impossible for a registered player to come and compete, they will also be eligible for full refund, even if the event is played.