If you are following our PDGA Euro Tour facebook page, you already saw this in a series of posts we made during last week, but here is a re-cap of all the posts.

As most of the PDGA Euro Tour tournaments are in their later registration stages, where pretty much anyone can register to experience Euro Tour first-hand, we wanted to give you a quick heads-up to what tournaments are already sold out, where will be the biggest competition and where you can still grab some last spots to play alongside the biggest names in disc golf World.

1) Spring Forester, first Euro Tour tournament held conviniently in the midst of April for anyone who wants to travel to southern Europe for a season opener. You can expect strong competition, great social events and side competitions every day and perfect half-opened and half-wooded course prepared for you. There are still plenty of spots for everyone, so whether you are from "continental" Europe, or from Scandinavia and you are thinking about playing some Euro Tour this year, Spring Forester is the one tournament you definitelly should keep an eye on.

Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/ET_Spring_Forester_2020

2) Kokkedal Open held in the middle of May in Denmark was the fastest sold out tournament on Euro Tour this year and there is no way you could get in, unless you have already registered. There are still 4 Wild Cards to be distributed, but with players like Albert Tamm on the Waitlist, your chances of getting one are very slimm.  You can either have faster fingers next year, or look for other Euro Tour events on the list here as these all promise great competition, perfect organisation and courses you meet only in your dreams.

3) Petzen Open was a black horse of Euro Tour 2020, but with the players already registered and the location it is being held on, this is going to be one of the most looked for tournaments in the future. There is no disc golf fan in Europe that would not be looking for coverage of this event, held 1700m above see level in the Alpes with spectacular views. How often do you need to use a cabin-lift to get on top of a mountain to play a disc golf A-tier event with views all around yourself? Well, in Petzen you do... there are still couple of spots for you to grab in pro divisions. Amateur divisions are sold out. 

Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Petzen_Open_2020_presented_by_Latitude_64

4) Tyyni - do we need to add anything? If you have not registered yet, but you are thinking about going - GO! Go to registration and do it right now as there is no way you want to miss this years eddition of Tyyni. Biggest ever, 10.000€ added cash, biggest pro payout in history, huge amateur packs worth more than 100.000€ (yes, that is actually correct) and what is even more important - experience of your lifetime and being a part of history. This year will be the first year and first tournament ever on European continent to break 1000 players - be part of the history! Tell your children, when you will be watching disc golf on Eurosport in 2030, that you were there, you were playing on the first ever tournament that got over 1000 players in Europe, that you played Tyyni 2020.

Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/NBDG_Tyyni_sponsored_by_Latitude_64_2020

5) Sula Open, norwegian fjords, boat trip, Paul McBeth, peak of summer, experience. These are the key-words. MPO division is full, but there are couple of Wildcards available and also quite a bit of FPO spots, that any women can grab for and/or if they wont, they will be re-distributed to MPO, so that quite a bit of people on Waitlist are still going to get in. If you have not decided yet, if you want to go, this might be your last chance to secure a spot on Waitlist, that still has a reasonable chance to get the actuall spot. 

Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Sula_Open_2020

6) Estonian Open is a staple tournament already, held one week prior to European Open, just a ferry-ride away from Helsinki, this is the most attractive tournament for USA pros, for anyone who wants to take on them and hence it has been the most competitive of our Euro Tour tournaments for last couple of years. A stacked field should not overshadow the beauty of the course it is played on. Just visit our tournament page and watch last year video coverage of final round and be amazed of the beautifull course that Estonian Open is being played on. There is only stage two opened at the moment, so you need to be 940+ rated MPO or 835+ rated FPO player to get it, but more likely than not, this might be enough to fill up the tournament. If not, your date to look for is 2nd March, when third stage opens and it will be a matter of seconds to fill up the tournament, so set your alarm clocks for 6pm GMT if you want to get a chance for your spot, or register NOW, if you have the required rating as there wont be any spots left after 6PM 2.March.

Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Estonian_Open_2020_powered_by_Prodigy_Disc