Here is one to all the Masters age players that would like to go to Estonia to compete for their Euro Tour points, but did not have a chance to sign up just yet, because they did not meet the 940+ rating criteria at stage two. Please note, that FPO division is still not full, so any female Masters, who would like to collect points into their FP40 division can still sign up through regular registration. This article only concerns MP40, MP50 and MP60 players with rating below 940, who want to sign up for Estonian Open, but can not do it through regular registration as that is currently full. 

All of those eligible players can send an email to and apply for a wild card. If you will prove an interest in playing at least 3 Euro Tour tournaments, including Estonian Open (i.e. you already registered to two other events in masters division), you will automatically be eligible for a wild card. Other requests will be handled individually. We can guarantee 6 spots, but even if the interest will be higher, we will work with tournament TDs to accommodate all of you, if possible. 

Deadline to apply will be Sunday, March 15th and on Monday 16th, the all the wild cards will be distributed.