PCS Sula Open in Norway has been announced only few days ago as a monster tournament, biggest that was ever held in Norway and straight off top 3 in Europe along with European Open and Tyyni. The cake gets even sweeter as this tournament will not only be part of our PDGA Euro Tour, but will also be part of DGPT. 

DGPT is moving to Europe for the first time, with one event in 2021 and we offered a cooperation on PCS Sula Open, which was accepted on the spot. There will be DGN live coverage as well as post produced next day coverage from this event, one secured by DGPT and the other secured by PDGA Europe and event organiser. 

With the date right between Tyyni and European Open, PCS Sula Open will definitelly attract top players from both USA and Europe and it might well be THE tournament with the biggest spotlight and audience in 2021. 

For those who are not familiar with Sula or PCS open, go to youtube right now, because you are going to be in for a TREAT! Picturesque courses, great demanding layout and top players to be seen on all the coverage provided during past years:



Whether you are going to play or just spectate PCS Sula Open 2021, you will witness history being writen right there in the Norwegian fjords.