PDGA Euro Tour 2021 events will be played as long as local government guidelines allow for competitive play. PDGA official document “Requirements and Best Practices for PDGA sanctioned play” will be the main guideline for all Euro Tour events.

"Tournament directors (TD) and all staff, players, spectators, etc. (event participants) must follow all government guidelines for the event’s location concerning conducting mass gatherings and organized sporting events including following any requirements for physical distancing (example: minimum two-meter (6 feet) physical distancing) upon arrival at the event and at all times prior to, during, and after their rounds at the event and in all event locations.".

In cooperation with the TDs, we will be releasing local government guidelines for each event 30 days prior to the event and update them 14 days, 7 days prior and each day thereafter until the event is over. It is a sole responsibility of every participant to get familiar with the “Requirements and Best Practices” document as well as with local guidelines from official sources (our release will only be informative!) and always follow them!

Following travel restrictions across Europe will be crucial for smooth run of Euro Tour events.

Standard procedures of 1.03 of competition manual for withdrawals will be in place with one exception. If a player’s home country will be added on a list of restricted countries which will disallow him/her to come, he/she will get full refund even if this happens closer than 30 days to the event. This only applies to travel restrictions issued by local government.

Please, follow our page, social media and official tournament web pages for more information. Stay safe.