PDGA Europe is opening the bid process for hosting the PDGA Euro Tour 2021. You can download the application form here. Applications to host PDGA Euro Tour 2021 event will be accepted until August 14th, 2020 at email tourmanager@pdga-europe.com. We are looking for high-tier tournaments to host 6-7 main Euro Tour events next year with possible Masters tournament extension.


With great success of having couple of Open division tournaments on the Tour and upon hearing the feedback from last year, we will also be accepting applications for Masters only tournaments (MP40, MP50, MP60 and FP40) that we will consider opening. After re-evaluating the 2020 situation, where only 4 tournaments offered age protected divisions, while two tournaments were limited to Open divisions, shall such situation repeat next year, we will consider opening one or two extra Masters only tournaments as extension to the Tour to support the aged-protected divisions highest level competitive play in Europe.


There are only very few requirements for the Euro Tour events, but only the best tournaments will be picked to secure the highest possible quality European scene can offer. We are particularly looking for tournaments that can offer the best player experience and offer highest added cash possible. Also, with increased budget and expected video coverage (secured by PDGA Europe and its partners) from all Euro Tour events, we are looking for the most spectacular courses to be played. It is no coincidence that Sula Open is being picked repetitively to host Euro Tour events in the beautiful landscape of Norwegian fjords and that Petzen Open was chosen as a black horse for the 2020 edition of the Euro Tour with its awesome Alp views.


There are no limits, so if you think you can host a top tier tournament that can stand its name next to a tournament like Tyyni, which will once again be amongst the very likely choices for 2021, do not hesitate and submit your proposal.


We would also like to encourage you, shall you have a question, concern, or if you are even remotely considering submitting the application, please, feel free to contact our Tour Manager, Matěj Verl at tourmanager@pdga-europe.com with any inquiry. He will be happy to answer your questions. 


The choice matters and we are looking for no less than the best.