PDGA Euro Tour 2022 is being worked on already and we have only the biggest plans for the new season. We are preparing many new features to make up for the last two years and give everyone the best possible experience in upcoming season.


To do so, we would like to encourage all European disc golf media teams and individuals who can and would want to produce any kind of media content during Euro Tour events, to reach out and give us your vision and plans. We are looking for everyone, everything, whether it is filming, photography, audio or any special content creation (with focus on just specific social media for example), we are interested in hearing from you!


While we already have media teams arranged for some specific content, there is always room for more! Also, we want to distinguish from ordinary disc golf coverage, so if you have any fancy thoughts about what disc golf coverage is missing in general and you could do it, you are our person! Play-by-play coverage is fun and great to watch, but there is certainly more that could be provided for a more-than-ever hungry audience that we know you all are!


We want to prioritize the full Tour coverage, so if you or your team could travel around Europe and come to all, or at least most of the Euro Tour events (6-7 events is the plan for 2022), that is the best case scenario for any type of content. But even if you are only willing to be active in your country or neighbouring area (so say you are located in Germany and want to do something only if there is an Euro Tour event around), still let us know! The bids will open this month and schedule will be release at around August/September, but we can already start talking in general about mutual interests regarding media coverage, wherever the events take place!


In the initial contact, please include your vision and plans (what you can do), your experience (with samples or reference links), equipment, any technical details, if you are individual or a group and any other important info about yourself. Also include your budget for named services and if you can find resources to cover it yourself (from re-selling the opportunities to companies you find – might need some coordination not to conflict with our partners), or you expect PDGA Europe to pay you for your services (in exchange for doing some extra work for our own partners). There is room for every possible scenario.


For more info, or direct contact, please reach our to tourmanager@pdga-europe.com.