Before we make the final decision for 2021, lets talk about the 2022 PDGA Euro Tour media for a while!
We want to expand media coverage greatly for upcoming years and this very information, this very moment, might be potentially live changing for some of you.
We would like to encourage all media teams and enthusiasts in Europe to reach out to our Tour Manager, Matěj Verl at or via our facebook page messenger in case you would be interested in covering 2022 PDGA Euro Tour!
Whether you are a full media team wanting to do post production coverage of multiple cards on all events, or you are an individual looking to cover any of the events in literally any way, let us know! Video, photography, press, all events, or just one (just let us know what area you want to cover and we will see if there will be an Euro Tour event in that area next year or not). We are looking for EVERYONE potentially interested in this. New formats, existing formats. We want to get in touch with all of you!
Let us know your vision, format you want to do, what card(s) or divisions would you like to cover, what media and all the parameters you see fit and let us know your financial vision as well - whether you think you will need our participation to cover your budget needs, or if you will be able to get your own sponsors - via what ways so we can negotiatie if that is possible or not and under what conditions. Do not forget to include link to your existing disc golf work and your short resumé/experience.
All options will be considered, everyone will be discussed with. We want to see the continental interest in covering the Euro Tour in 2022 and have all the contacts available.
If you know someone who could be interested in doing some media for us, tag them in comments. Spread the word.